About Us

Rynco Orchids is the largest Pot Plants Orchid Farm in South India, which spreads over 25,000 Square Meter of Land in Kerala and Tamil Nadu State. We are growing Dendrobium, Vanda, Cattleya, Mokkara, Phalaenopsis , Cymbidium and Oncidium Species and Hybrids. We produce the highest quality planting materials to cater the Whole sale Nurseries and Cut flower growers. Our plants are imported from South East Asian Countries from selected breeders to assure you the best quality. Our Post Entry Quarantine facility is having the capacity to accommodate 150,000 of plants per month. These imported plants are acclimatized to our climatic condition in our farm under open cultivation.

About the Promotor: Shri. S. Ramakrishnan, Graduate in Horticulture from Horticultural College and Research Institute, Periyakulam. He started his profession as an exporter and later entered into the cultivation of orchids to learn the difficulties in farming and also as a business. He is doing many researches on controlling insects and pest through Plant extracts, Organic nutritional management like Panchkavya, Vedic farming like Agni Hotra etc. Started his own bio control unit called Cryptox BioSolutions to cater the farmers which produces microbials like Pseudomonas, Tricoderma and Macrobials like Predators and Parasitoides And succeeded very well in these techniques to overcome Pesticide and Chemicals toxicity which is creating all type of pollution to our environment and Human being.

Breeding: We started our breeding program in 2008 and nearly 50 varieties are in the pipe line to release in the fourth coming years. Our latest breeding is to produce Disease resistant varieties suitable for Indian Climatic condition.

Being with orchids relax our mind so much. Spent 30 minutes a day will make us fresh.

Shri.S.Ramakrishnan CEO Founder