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                                                              HOW TO TAKECARE ORCHIDS–GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS.

Selectionoflocation: Choose the place where you get more breeze and sunlight.

Shade Net:Use 50% shade net either Black or Green .If shady place then go for 35%shadenet Suppose if you get

Only few hours of sunlight then you need not put shade net. Try with one or two plants and if the plants are good you may avoid the shade net.

Planting Media: Use Charcoal and Broken pot pieces as planting media. If the climate is dry then mix more of coconut husk.

Watering: Early morning watering is good for orchids. Make sure that the roots are dry in the evening hours. Suppose if the

Weather is cloudy and no sunshine, then you can skip the water for the day. Once a week you can dry the plants. Do not give any water.

If your watering is good then you can see lot of roots and if the roots are less and rotting, excess watering may be one of the reason.

There are sever a lot her reasons for damage but excess watering is in the most case. Orchids love wet and dry cycle. Extreme dry and hot condition you can water two times a day.


Remove all the yellow and infected leaves regularly.


I.              Organic Fertilizer:

      a.       Use Panchakavya @10ml per liter of water a tagap of 30 days. Make sure the Panchakavya is made from Country

Cowand its available at @ Rynco

 b..  SprayVermiwash @10ml per litter of water. He real so you can use vermin wash of Country cow and its available @ Rynco

II. Chemical Fertilizer:

a.   20:20:20 @ 1.5gram per liter of water at a gap of15 days. Also you can use19:19:19 or 21:21:21 at the same dos age.

      b.       To Induce flowers pray 10:30:20 or 13:40:13 or 13:27:27 @1.5grams per liter of water for continuous two weeks at weekly interval and then switch over to the balance(20:20:20)fertilizer again.                 So whenever you feel the flowering is low then use this fertilizer

III.Pest Control

a.      Release Trichogramma chilonis 1 card every 3 months.

b.      Release Reduviid bug 100 Nos every 6 month.

c.       Release Green lace wing 1000 eggs every 6 month.

IV. Disease Control

d.      Spray Tricodermaviride @10 ml per litter of water once a month including plants and potting media.

e.      Our Panchakavya is already having Pseduomonas. Hence you need not spray them. This also create immunity and resist diseases.

 Use bio products early morning or late evening and humidity above 60% is good for them.

All the above recommendations are general only and it varies species to species and need to adjust according to local micro climatic conditions.

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